Join us on this retreat vacation to beautiful Costa Rica!
Daily Yoga practice with the beauty and energy of Mother Nature.

This journey will provide you with peace, harmony, tranquility and discovery of Self.
Immerse yourself in this inspirational setting that offers spiritual expansion
and personal transformation.

All activities included are optional, you may pick and choose the classes and workshops you wish to attend,
providing for the freedom to explore your soul on your own as you need to.
This week-long retreat is designed to support you in empowering your thinking and enriching how you create
your own life journey.

his retreat  located on the Pacific Coast of Central America, is a wonderful gated resort filled with lush
gardens, native habitat such as the Howler monkeys and exotic birds, jungle and ocean views, and the
comfort of clean accommodations with air conditioning and full amenities. Within steps from the beach.....just
follow the path!

Soak up the kindness of the Natives. A laid back atmosphere spilling with spiritual & physical health.  Feel
free to explore evening entertainment with live music and dancing.
You won't find tall buildings, fast food restaurants, commercialized beach or paved roads.......just raw,
breathtaking country.....the way we were meant to be.

Allow yourself to be fully present while relaxing at the ocean's edge, napping in a hammock or engaging in the
scheduled workshops and classes.

Yoga is not a linear process; it is direct intimacy with life, and it is available to everyone.

Please browse through this website and see all that there is in this may contact me with any
questions you may have via the contact page or calling me directly (585) 703-4676

Pura Vida!
The native Howlers often need rehabilitioon due to the few power lines that are now in Costa
Rica for Internet and phones etc.   
With donation, 'rope walks' are installed near these lines so the Howlers can cross over safely.
Often times the mother has her little one on her back when the deadly zap occurs.
$5 goes a long ways in Costa Rica.....please help the little guys.
(585) 703-4676
Mother Nature Yoga & Spiritual Retreat
                                              January 12th - 19th, 2013 in  beautiful  Nosara, Costa Rica